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The publishing house of the People's Friendship University of Russia (IPK RUDN)

The IPK RUDN was established by the Rector's order No. 13 dated January 15, 1997.
Currently IPK PFUR is one of the leading academic publishers in the country. IPK annually produces in about 400 titles of books with a total circulation of over 150 thousand copies.

According to the Russian book chamber, among more than 600 issuing departments of Russian universities IPK PFUR is:

5th place – the number of annually published articles;
7th place in terms of total circulation of publications;
10th place – overall length publications.

Authors IPK is composed of leading professors, teachers and researchers.

In addition to scientific, educational and methodical literature for students, graduates, teachers and professionals, IPK publishes textbooks for students in higher education, as well as reference and fiction for a wide range of readers.


117923 Moscow, Ordzhonikidze str., 3, IPK-RUDN