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Dear friends

For the purpose of promoting journals in Russia and abroad is a new and unique concept of the formation of the journal:

Association of graduates of foreign nationals studying in Russian universities, by publishing their research papers both in Russian and English; free publication of results of scientific research of graduate students and the most interesting works of young specialists and students; free newsletter journals, authors and educational institutions upon their request; modernization and updating of the websites of the publisher and journals allows authors to have free and quick access to its publications, which, of course, saves time and money for authors, eliminates visits to post offices and standing in queues; eliminate the use of robot translation from foreign languages, the repetition of published works and ensure quality control and execution.

The concept of the magazine "Health and education in XXI century" in December 1999, was endorsed at the first international conference "Health and education in XXI century" dedicated to current health issues. It was stressed that the problem of a lack of literature for primary care physicians is particularly acute, because it is in the hands of these professionals, without exaggeration, is the health of the nation.

SOMVOZ for 19 years successfully working in the people's friendship University and brings together young professionals and scientists not only from Russia and the CIS, but also Abroad.

Over the years SOMVOZ passed important stages of its development. Today SOMVOZ is one of the most famous, influential and fastest-growing public scientific and organizational structures of Russia.
Great attention SOMVOZ pays to the research work of young scientists and provides support for scientific works of students. Annual multi-disciplinary scientific forums allow you to participate in discussions, to publish the work of thousands of young professionals, students and renowned scientists.
We strive to provide our readers a broad audience of physicians, researchers, scientists, workers obstetric units and other specialists and information help and support, and create conditions for continuous upgrade and update their professional knowledge.

Journal's mission: integrate the results of scientific work of Russian-speaking scientists and rich clinical experience of domestic experts in the international scientific community, to be an international scientific platform for doctors and scientists for discussion and exchange of experience in the field of public health.​

with respect

Chief editor

Agarwal Rajesh Kumar

The candidate of medical Sciences

the Chairman of the Network of young doctor's & health administrators
the Chairman of the BRICS council of young scientists and students

Chief editor

Dr. Agarwal Rajesh Kumar

M.D., PhD

Chairman - Network of young doctor's & health administrators


President - BRICS council of young scientists and students